Examples of Special Order Truffles

*Dark Chocolate               *Milk Chocolate                 

  *Vanilla Bean                     *Dark Chocolate Raspberry 

*Dark Chocolate Orange   *Peanut Butter                   

*Key Lime                       *Baileys or Ammaretto

*Pistachio Cardamom        *Port Wine                         

*Dark Chocolate Caramel  *Milk Chocolate Caramel

*Coconut                            *Chocolate Chip Cookie   

*Cafe au Lait              *Peppermint Mocha

*Dark Chocolate Cherry     *Passion Fruit                    

*Chili Pepper                      *Sweet Whiskey

*Andes Mint                       *Caramel Coconut             

*Lemon Strawberry                 *Coconut Lime

*Raspberry Peach                *Mango                              

*Pineapple                          *Dulce de Leche

*Blueberry Lemon              *Toffee Crunch                  

*Match Green Tea              *Smores              

Having a Party or Special Event? Or need Corporate or Business Gifts? Special Orders are our business!!! You can choose any of the flavors below or come up with your own. We custom design the decorations for your individual needs. Our Custom Truffles are gorgeous and delicious!!! We even can make some that are Vegan. And most of our truffles are Gluten-Free

Special OrderTruffle Flavors

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