​​We are presently starting 2 new training programs at The Chocolate Spectrum and expanding our present Chocolatier Training Program


In March, thanks to a grant we have received from Autism License Plate (please support http://www.autismlicenseplate.com/), we are launching our NEW Barista and Front of the House Training Course. This is a weekly course for 12 weeks for those who have autism or other developmental disability and 18 years of age and over. It is designed for those who are contemplating a job or career in coffee, café, or restaurant front of the house (like in a fast food restaurant). The curriculum includes Barista (coffee beverage making), interaction skills with the public such as in a café or fast food restaurant, and job social skills. It is a structured course that includes workbooks, videos, direct instruction and practice. The fee for each participant is $120 for the 12 week course. If you have interest in this course, please contact Valerie Herskowitz at valerie@thechocolatespectrum.com


Our other new training program is our Differently-Abled High School weekly chocolate and pastry class. It will be starting in March on Tuesdays from 4:00-5:30PM. It is an ongoing class and includes baking and chocolate training, job skill training, and social skill development. Tuition is $25 per class and is paid at the beginning of each month. There is very limited availability for this class, so if you are interested in registering, please do so immediately. You can click this link to register for March: http://shop.thechocolatespectrum.com/Chocolate-Making-For-Differently-Abled-High-Schoolers-4006.htm

Or email: valerie@thechocolatespectrum.com

Or stop by the shop


Thanks to a grant we received from The Quantum Foundation (http://www.quantumfnd.org/), we are now able to expand our Adult Chocolatier Training Program. In addition, our program is now more structured to emphasize health and hygiene, independence skills, and social/job development in addition to baking and chocolate-making. We use a very effective techniques that utilize visual supports and is individualized for each student. If you are interested in learning more about this program, please email:



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